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1 - Who are you and what do you do?

We are a bunch of qualified content writers with a mad passion for writing that drives us to write, grab attention and motivate action. Our company, SubjectWriters offers a wide range of content writing services with a unique, dynamic and professional touch at affordable prices. We offer great content writing services for Site Description, Website Content, writing articles, blogs, forums, news-letters, emails, press releases and much much more.

2 - Content? Since when did content get so important?

Let me tell you a hard fact. 75% of online surfers visit your or any other website like this… they hop-skip-jump the text. Other innate qualities of readers include their highly impatient nature, their ability to be defocused any second, being extremely difficult to retain. So you ask yourself, how in the world are you to get mere surfers to become readers leading to becoming customers?

Ahh! Let me tell you the secret. It’s a 7 letter word… CONTENT!

3 - How will I benefit from well-written, relevant, grabbing content?

Content can do wonders for managers, advertisers, technical writers, reporters or social workers. Whatever role you are in, you deserve well-written content to represent you, your company and your cause.

  • Content Writing enables a company's perspective to be portrayed by ensuring credibility and readability
  • Good content facilitates the visitors to your site to understand what you have to offer
  • Content description enhances the overview of your products and services
  • Quality content ensures that your website will not be affected by the algorithms changes of the search engines
  • Grabbing content facilitates the actual sale of your products and services

But how do you produce content for a vast range of Internet audiences without compromising on the quality, message and appeal?

That’s where we… “SubjectWriters” come in.

4 - What makes you special?

At SubjectWriters, we have genuine writers who write competently on all subjects. Withj great writing skills and a deep understanding of overall concepts of web business, our content writers have an edge over the others. The work they produce is fresh, unique and professional as they just love what they do. Moreover, the content our writers write is loved by customers and search engines alike.

5 - What Services does offer?

SubjectWriters offers a wide range of content writing services with a unique, dynamic and professional touch that is unparalleled. Our services include :

  • SEO Copywriting
  • Website Copywriting
  • Technical Writing
  • Blog Writing
  • Newsletter Writing
  • Press Release Service

6 - Who owns the content?

You do! As we write exclusive content for each of our customers, our customers have complete rights over the content, irrespective of the content type

7 - Can I get to see draft version of the content so that I can make amends if required before the final content is published?

Yes we can arrange for that and ensure that the final content meets and exceeds your expectations.

8 - How do I get to know my content is ready?

As soon as your content will be ready, we will upload it in the admin area of You will be able to view it and download it by logging into your customer account at We are sure you will love what you read!

9 - Does provide refund?

We donot provide any Refunds after the material is delivered to the Customer . However Refunds can be processed if the material is not delivered to the Customer. All Material is avaliable for download in Customer account after the writing is completed.

SEO Copywriting

1 - What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the act of making a website search engine friendly. This process involves the guiding of the development or redevelopment of a website so that it will naturally attract visitors by gaining top ranking on the major search engines for selected keyword phrases. In simple words, SEO is what can make your site well suited, adjusted and optimized for search engines so that they can spider, crawl and index your site so that your website is among the top couple of websites on search engines when someone searched for those particular key words that your site has been optimized for.

2 - What is SEO Copywriting?

SEO copywriting is writing online content that not only appeals the reader but also the spiders! Copywriting is a specialized field, which has the ability to make a website successful - or not. The right words combined with the right degree of optimization will maximize the effectiveness of existing web design, and every other marketing strategy you've employed. This is a key way to attract targetted customers to your website and your buisness!

3 - What are the benefits of SEO Copywriting?

SEO Copywriting has many many benefits which have made it indispensable for webmasters to pay special attention towards it.

  • It makes your website and of course your company visible online!
  • Increase in web traffic
  • An exciting increase in conversion rates due to relevant, motivational content
  • Increase in website effetivity
  • Stable high rankings across major search engines

Know, that when a customer finds you through a search engine he has already made up his mind to make a purchase. So SEO Copywriting efforts are worthwhile.

4 - What is included in the SEO copywriting service?

Our SEO copywriting service will include an initial detailed consultation of our experts with you to understand your company, the message you want to convey through the content and the content tone you want to maintain. Then our SEO copywriting gurus will think of the right keywords for you and produce original content with the right keyword density and reader and spider appeal that will get your website higher rankings on Yahoo, MSN, Google and the rest of the search engines.

5 - How soon will I be able to witness the results?

You will be able to see the results as soon as our writing gurus write. It sometimes takes a month for spiders to crawl and index your site so that should be a reasonable time.

Visit the SEO copywriting page by Clicking Here.

Website Copywriting

1 - What is Website Copywriting?

Website copywriting is writing relevant, fresh and attractive content for websites which will make the reader take the desired action… in most cases click the order button. In short this is a direct way to increasing conversion rate to perhaps 100% or more. Website content is also called “copy”.

2 - How will I benefit from Website Copywriting?

Website copywriting will help you

  • Engage the readers
  • Portray a good company image
  • Convey your message effectively
  • Enhance your unique selling proposition
  • Increase sales

3 - Why should I hire website copywriters rather than doing it on my own?

Website copy writing is a specialized field requiring exceptional web writing talent, in depth knowledge base of online businesses in general and the one in subject in particular. Making a copy that converts viewers into buyers is no piece of cake. This is what will give you an edge over your competition. You manage the business, while we craft a copy that will get you nothing short of response. Together, it’ll result in increased sales.

4 - My work area is highly technical. I am not sure of your team can understand that well enough to write about it.

Learning your business is part of our job. Our team already has a fair experience in a range of areas; however, they research each new area, read up on your products, your competition, your industry and collaborate with you. Any material that you have which might help us acquaint us with your field will be of great help.

5 - Do you write for all kinds of websites?

Yes, we write for all kinds of websites; technical, social, commercial etc.

6 - How long will the website content take?

Time varies from website to website depending on the research involved, the number of pages etc. We can only give you a time frame after looking at the nature of project. Rush projects can be completed for an extra fee.

7 - Can you work to our deadline?

Yes. We value our customers’ time and ensure that deadlines are met.

Visit the Website copywriting page by Clicking Here.

1 - Why should I hire a technical writer?

Technical documentation is one of the trickiest kinds of content to write and read! It demands that it be done by highly technical experts who can write accurately, interestingly and in a way that the intended audience can relate to. Hence you should not think twice about hiring a technical writer as it will get you great ROI.

2 - What kind of technical writing can you do?

Oh! We are into all kinds of technical writing including

  • User Guides
  • Software manuals
  • Design Specifications
  • Detailing the features of the system for the coders to understand and work on
  • Making ERPS
  • Making flowcharts
  • Writing pseudo code
  • Instructional leaflets
  • Emails
  • Letters
  • Reports
  • Technical news reports
  • Help documentations
  • FAQ’s
  • Operating and maintenance manuals
  • Catalogs
  • Assembly instructions
  • Sales promotion materials
  • Project proposals
  • Oversee preparation of illustrations, photographs, diagrams and charts
  • Spearheading the customer support team to get the info from clients and forwarding to coders to work on features
  • Web sales page
  • Glossary

3 - Will your technical writers meet our team in person?

Well, that really depends on the nature of job. If it requires personal consultations and collaborations then our tem will be more than willing to collaborate with you in depth and if required, on a constant basis. For other jobs that do not require often in-person meetings, we will be in constant touch through phone, email and chat.

Visit the Technical writing page by Clicking Here.

Blog Writing

1 - How can I possibly benefit from blog writing?

Blogs have unleashed a great platform for companies to use to express, inform, promote and publicize themselves, their products and services. Blogs are the most popular and possibly most effective online way to not just communicate but also influence. Hence blogs can be used to promote your cause, be it social awareness, company info, advertising. Blogs are also a great way to get traffic to your website resulting in higher search engine rankings.

2 - What kind of Blogs do you write for?

Our team of bloggers has experience in writing all kinds of blogs including

  • Business blogs
  • Celebrity blogs
  • Subject oriented blogs
  • SEO copywriting blogs

3 - What is included in your blog writing service?

After you assign us the job, you just have to relax while we get on our toes. We will do all it takes to get you a successful and effective blog write-up; including research, collaboration with company employees if required, publishing blogs and uploading blog software if client so requires.

4 - Do you take urgent orders?

Yes we do take urgent orders on an extra fee.

Visit the Blog Writing page by Clicking Here.

Newsletter Writing

1 - Why should I have a newsletter?

Newsletters are a great way for companies and businesses to communicate and market their products and ideas. It complements external marketing efforts and strengthens internal communications. Newsletters project your company, either favorably or not. That’s why you need to hire experts for newsletters writing to give a face and voice to your company.

2 - Do you make one time newsletters or regular ones?

We do both kinds depending on the package you choose.

3 - What do your newsletter writing services include?

We will deal with all the aspects of newsletter writing from start to finish including

  • Helping you develop your newsletter concept
  • Providing relevant content and write from scratch if required
  • Including basic sections such as News, Editorials, Features and Articles, Regular columns, Advertising, Letters to the editor etc.
  • Discussing options for appropriate layout which will coincide with the company’s tone
  • Writing for auto responders which are spread over time or write one time newsletters which inform the customers of new offers and are a key means of upselling of current products
  • Building a FAQ and Tips section in the newsletter to grab readers’ attention
  • Can include surveys if required
  • Providing tips for newsletter promotion

4 - Do you also design newsletters?

Naah! We basically write for newsletter not design them.

Visit the Newsletter writing page by Clicking Here.

Press Release Service

1 - What is Press Release Service?

A news release, press release or press statement is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media for the purpose of announcing something claimed as having news value.

2 - Why should I choose you?

Our talented writers write original, quick, well-written press releases and then manually submit to numerous distribution centers and journalists. We also have professionals who will tweak your already written press releases to give it a more professional touch.

Above all, we realize that this work is based heavily on time and team of professionals will work round the clock to ensure that your press releases are written and distributed in timely manner.

3 - What does your Press Release Service include?

We will phrase your news, send it to different press distributions centers and your news will show up on many news sites and different newspapers around the world depending on the news content itself. If the news is real good, do not be surprised if it gets taken up by prominent newspapers and TV channels like CNN, BBC too. We take care of all the technicalities for all our press release writings including.

  • Ensure that the release has the statement “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE” at the appropriate place
  • Contact information of the customer
  • An eye-catching headline
  • Appropriate dateline
  • An effective, relevant text that conveys the message fully well
  • Recap
  • A compelling email subject header and headline

4 - What type of Press releases do you do?

We are expert in dealing with all kinds of Press releases such as general news releases, event releases, product press releases, and social media press releases. You name it and we can do it for you.

5 - Are the charges inclusive of distribution service too?

O yes they are!

6 - How soon does the press release go out?

The news should show up 48 hrs after you place the order.

Visit the Press Release Service page by Clicking Here.

Placing the Order

1 - How do I place the order?

Once you’ve made up your mind than the rest of the work is easy. Sign in to your customer account (make one at if you don’t have one). Then simply click the service you are interested. After selecting the package that suits you best, simply follow the easy instructions. The customer account you make at the time of ordering is important as this will facilitate all future correspondence between us and you.

2 - How do I get to know my content is ready?

As soon as your content will be ready, we will upload it in the admin area of You will be able to view it and download it by logging into your customer account at We are sure you will love what you read!

3 - Does Provide refund ?

We donot provide any Refunds after the material is delivered to the Customer . However Refunds can be processed if the material is not delivered to the Customer. All Material is avaliable for download in Customer account after the writing is completed.

Payment Modes

1 - What payment methods does accept?

We accept credit cards through metacharge and paypal, however we do not accept money order and cheques.


1 - I have other questions, how can I get in touch with you?

We would love to hear from you for suggestion and queries. Call us at our toll free no: 1-(850)-417-7316 or email us at