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Hire a Dedicated Writer

Hire a Dedicated Writer offers you hiring a dedicated writer scheme. This scheme allows you to hire a full time, experienced and professional writer to do all sorts of writing tasks for you for as long as you choose to hire him/her. Writing is involved in all businesses, smaller and bigger alike, but good writing is what makes the difference. Go this extra mile with the help of a dedicated writer hired on a monthly basis.

We have a set of writers who excel in their field. They are a wonderful combination of MS Communications, MS Information Technology, MA English and MBAs among others. We have been in business since 1999 and over the years we have developed a complete infrastructure to ensure that all your write-ups are quality assured before you receive them. And the most amazing feature is the cost! Hiring a dedicated writer at will cost you at least 70% less than what it would cost you by hiring a similar in-house American writer. At, hire a dedicated writer for as low as $800 per month!

It's time to cash your words.

It's time to make the decision.