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How does one come up with great content time after time be it newsletter writing, SEO copywriting, website copywriting, blog writing, press release service or technical writing? What’s that all-important, integral fool-proof process that leads to dynamic, relevant, fresh and inviting content?

Let us share with you the content writing process adopted by our professional team of writers that they have acquired with time and experience. The whole process can be divided into three main phases.


Pre-writing activities are essential and form the backbone of the content writing process. This involves

Conducting initial research: This includes us gathering background information regarding the subject, company, the message it wants to convey through the content, the target readers and the offer. We also study the competition to give our client the edge they need through the content we write.

Thinking about the topic: As trivial as it may seem, this is possibly the most important part of the process. When we get a task, we start thinking about it, what it means, what it entails, how to present the topic, how to add life to it. All these ideas are whirling in our minds, in the direction on the initial research we do, preparing us for our main task ahead. Unique, sometimes crazy ideas are our strength.

Conducting further Research: This is where we try to gather as much associated information we can from wherever we can. We surf the internet, subscribe to special newsletters and bulletins, access electronic libraries etc. We also do comparative analysis in this phase.


Writing activities include composing and inscribing. In this stage, we filter out the relevant stuff from the information gathered till now and start writing a content that not only meets but exceeds the customer’s expectations. Based on years of writing experience writers and our passion for writing, we concoct original content with a unique, professional touch.


Rewriting activities involve revising, correcting, looking for any spelling or grammatical mistakes. This proof reading phase is important as it checks any errors in the flow of writing, any incoherencies etc. We ensure that the content has “punch” and is a loveable read.


Writing need not be two-dimensional and linear as it has been in the past. Adding color, animation, images, audio, and video to a text can enhance a message and add depth to it. Hence we pay special emphasis to the fonts and styles that can be used to adequately enhance the message taking care we do not over do it.

Finally the content is given to other members in the team to proof read. The content is revised in lieu of their suggestions. Then the content is delivered to the client. After approval, it is distributed or published however way the client desires.

This is in brief the content writing process which has led us to write many a successful content for companies like you. Give us a chance to serve you. Order Now !