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SEO Copywriting


1 - What do you need most when doing an online business?

A website, yes.

2 - But what good is a website if no one visits it?

You have a tough competition out there!

3 - All the great products, flowery words and awesome design would go unnoticed and unrewarded if your website is not visible amidst the millions on the internet?

It’s like dozens of people trying to fit in the picture while the picture dimensions are fixed and limited.
So what you need most in an online business is … have a website that is VISIBLE!

How do you do that?

SEO Copywriting is the answer to your problems!

With a talented, dynamic and dedicated team of 4 professional writers who have a passion for writing, SubjectWriters offers SEO Copywriting services at a price that’s affordable. Our SEO copywriters write in a way that is coherent with the client’s company image, depicts the essence of the company, appeals the reader and motivates him to click and at the same time ranks very well with the search engines. We are talking about SEO copywriters with unmatched writing skills backed with around 6 years of experience in the domain of SEO copywriting which has taught them tricks and ways to make the search engines fall in love with their writings instantly. Be it writing awesome, original keyword intense articles or smart SEO blogging, SEO copywriters write with flair unmatched. To get a better understanding read on.

Your business without SEO copywriters

Imagine a person who wants to buy a product Z. Imagine that this person is an “important person”, who can make a difference to your business. He would search for product Z on Google, Yahoo or MSN in 99% cases. He would most likely click on the websites appearing on the first page of the search results and he will make a big difference to your competitors’ business while you loose an opportunity worthwhile! There goes your visitor and there goes your business success!We know goodbyes can be hard. So let’s think of another scenario.

Your business with SEO copywriters

You’ve hired us to do SEO copywriting. We will write cornerstone content for blogs, articles websites, e-books, advertorials and sales sheets and anything else to be published anywhere you want on the internet. This content will be focused on keywords, using the right keywords at the right place in the right frequency. Due to our targeted SEO copywriting strategies, very soon you will show up high on Google and the rest of the search engines. Resultantly all the important visitors will visit you giving your business the boost, zest and popularity it needed. Hence every word written for you, is word bringing in cash. These are optimized keywords and SEO copywriting that generates online attention, traffic, visitors and sales.

What you will get?

  • Genuine, compelling, engaging content with strategically placed keywords
  • Increase in web traffic
  • An exciting increase in conversion rates due to relevant, motivational content
  • Increse in website effetivity
  • Stable high rankings across major search engines

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Still Not Convinced? Read On!

SEO Copywriters can get you on top of Yahoo, Google and MSN!

Copywriting is a specialized field, which has the ability to make a website successful - or not. The right words combined with the right degree of optimization will maximize the effectiveness of existing web design, and every other marketing strategy you've employed. This is a key way to attract targetted customers to your website and your buisness!

Subjectwriters offers a SEO copywriting service that you and the spiders will love! Our SEO copywriters will write in a way that the content, be it for a website, articles or blogs will speak to the audience in a clear, persuasive tone so tactfully that it will not only grab their attention but also that of the search engines.

Don’t ignore the search engines else they will ignore you!

Search engines are not human. They have spiders that crawl all over the www and index sites they come across. The sites indexed are likely to show up on the search results for their particular keywords. So how do you make sure your website gets indexed?

You use SEO copywriting!

Give a boost to your SEO campaign! Let us instill life and dollars in your business!

Our copywriters are expert at creating website copies that not only fit the criteria for SEO—key phrases, page length, and so on—but also sound natural and are technically accurate. It's a tricky balance, and that’s what makes search engine copywriting different from other types of copywriting. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can move your Web site into the Google, Yahoo & MSN top 100 for your most profitable keywords. O yep! Our writing flows naturally but has a hidden touch!

Let us help you be found!

Keyword Integration

Just to give you an idea, here are few of the places we will specifically put keywords, and phrases strategically and intelligently. But of course there’s more that we actually do to get you to the top of the search engines results! Keywords will be placed in :

  • Title tags
  • Opening
  • Subheadings

Can just anyone do this? If that was the case then every other website would be having great sales and there would be no need for SEO copywriters. It’s not that easy. You really need to know HOW to write that powerful headline, WHAT to say in your compelling subheading, and WHICH words to use in the all important first paragraph.

Our Strategy :
  • Grab Attention
  • Stimulate Interest
  • Build up Desire
  • Urge the reader to take Action!
Other important aspects of keywords include
  • Related Words and Synonyms should be used throughout the content for the keywords to cater to different but similar words used by web users.
  • Call to action is something we must not forget. The content must urge the reader to purchase, contact, subscribe or simply continue reading.
SEO copywriters’ excel in seamlessly integrating keywords and their synonyms in their writing.

Act now! Hire a SEO copywriter from to give your business what it can’t live without!