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Technical Writer

Do you realize the importance of technical writers to your organization?

Do you understand that technical writing is an essential part of software development?

Do you acknowledge that all technical documentation should be produced by a highly trained expert?

Technical writing is everywhere in the world we live in… User Guides, Software manuals, flow charts, Instructional leaflets, technical emails and letters, reports, catalogs, project proposals etc. So no matter what business type you are in, you will have to resort to technical writing at one time or another. However, you should especially be interested in hiring us if you are a software developer or a website developer or in server management services or in the telecommunication sector. For you, a competent technical writer is an absolute must! offers a leading quality service in the specialized field of technical writing. With a professional team with a strong technical background, we promise to help you write clear, accurate, helpful and easy-to-read technical documentation, documentation which you will take pride to be a part of your complete business process.

What’s so special about our technical writing, you may ask… Well... Our writings DON’T BORE readers to sleep!

Our writers design, create, maintain and update many types of technical documentation, online help, user guides, design specifications and other documents clearly and logically. We employ specialist software applications for technical writing if and when required. Throughout the documentation life cycle, we seek to liaise with technicians, developers, managers and end users to ensure that the delivered product meets all requirements.

We specialize in expressing complex ideas simply.

We have written quite a few documents of various types that are aimed to help people adequately and correctly use technology. Please find below a list of various technical writing that our writers are into:

1 - User Guides
2 - Software manuals
3 - Design Specifications
4 - Detailing the features of the system for the coders to understand and work on
5 - Making ERPS
6 - Making flowcharts
7 - Writing pseudo code
8 - Instructional leaflets
9 - Emails
10 - Letters
11 - Reports
12 - Technical news reports
13 - Help documentations
14 - FAQ’s
15 - Operating and maintenance manuals
16 - Catalogs
17 - Assembly instructions
18 - Sales promotion materials
19 - Project proposals
20 - Oversee preparation of illustrations, photographs, diagrams and charts
21 - Spearheading the customer support team to get the info from clients and forwarding to coders to work on features

We can even make a glossary of key terms to facilitate the readers unacquainted with the technical jargon if required.

Our technical writers’ core skills include but are not limited to:

1 - Professional writing with style
2 - Good grasp on technology
3 - Expertise in understanding documents
4 - Ability to assimilate and convey technical matters in a concise and effective manner
5 - Writing according to the intended user’s technical level
6 - Conversant with the use of desktop publishing software
7 - Thorough and transparent communication

If you want to make technical document that won’t give the end user headaches, or be thrown across the room…
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